Monday, 11 July 2016

To your health ... or not

I stumbled onto this blog recently and decided to wake it up … for a while. Since there are several followers who may also wake up, I need to do something to resolve that. Perhaps if I alienate all of them I can just let this thing die and not disappoint anybody.

After a whole lot of thought I thought I’d set sail on the Interweb and see what was going on that I could disparage and upset those still willing to read on, even if only one of them at a time. I found it.

While far too many people like to talk about their health if you make the mistake of asking them how they are, most don’t like to talk about their prospect for living. Many, if not most, assume they are, or will, or won't.

To do that much beyond the age of four, most people eventually need medical help, or intervention, or insurance. That insurance thing sometimes determines what kind of the other stuff you will get. If the current trend continues nobody is going to be able to afford it much longer. With that in mind you can cross medical help off the list. Since many alternative medicine proponents cite part of the problem with modern scientific medicine is that doctors are in it for the money, many of the alternative options must be free or within the bounds of out-of-pocket change. Time to look at the intervention alternatives is fast approaching.

There a LOT of those and I’m here to discredit them all. In other words, you might as well face it; you are all going to die. Why fight it?

Self-described skepdoc Harriet Hall says there are over 67 individual single causes for all illness revealed on the internet. That makes at least as much sense as some of the discourses. Though her ability to discuss some of them via youtube might be better researched than mine and actually make sense, they take a lot longer to get through than my attempt, unless you last through all the 67 plus blog postings I’m going have to write. I’m betting I can probably stop after 32 or so if I live that long. My chances are pretty good. I have the VA.

Best case, everybody is attached to at least one of these beliefs and cures and will abandon me as I shoot across their bows. Like each of those, I have offered you nothing worth hanging onto yet, Isn’t that ironic? At least you have idea what is, or at least might be, coming, which is better than what you will get from these choices.

You could, but probably won’t help me on the chase and quest if you just tell me what you subscribe to but I probably won’t pay any attention to you, a reaction you might do well to have in regard to any alternative medicine.

In keeping with standard practice around here, I’m about half way through researching the following, posted on the internet via a now defunct site, once again for sale, by Lorenzo P. If the mood hits me I’ll find out who he is and what his credentials are, not that they are likely to amount to much.

Lorenzo’s article is about as well edited as my novels are before I submit them to a real editor. That disturbs me. This guy who might be out to save my life obviously cuts corners.

He begins by eliminating the competition. He tells me scientific method is unable to find a cure to all illness, comparing doctors to auto mechanics. If he is right, CRAP! He uses unrelated quotes from genius Albert Einstein and the sage efficiency of Shamans to buttress his conclusions in a really round about manner. It only bothers me a little that the shamans had a bit of a tussle with smallpox. The one case he uses to set the scene for HIS success is introduced as fictional. I guess the real survivors don’t want to be bothered by an interested press siege.

He offers an understanding that all illness stems from the mind housing two or more conflicting beliefs with those eventually coming to the fore at the same time. Those with a one track mind might be the only ones to last on earth as long as cockroaches. That last is my conclusion, not his. When his scenario occurs there is stress, which causes all your health problems.

There is a solution though. Just follow these instructions.

Number one is to be happy all of the time. I suppose that could limit a lot of things you do now, like sports betting, marriage, using grits as a side dish, and eating at sushi bars. There might be others. He suggests starting a gratitude journal might help you in this effort. I don’t.

Next comes discovering your conflicting beliefs that might someday face off somewhere in your mind and kill you along with the loser of their fight. This is going to take some time if you are over seven, which is the age by which most of them have been implanted. There’s a lot I don’t remember about those early years, or even last week, so your failing this is his most probable reason why you are going to die. But if you are a believer, what the hell, go for it.

Then he says “STOP THE WAR”. Unless this is a sudden display of pacifism I suppose you should do something about your mental conflict. No clear set of instructions is presented, but you better do it at the peril of your life.

To clean up any failure in obtaining peace treaties you should next analyze all of your health shortcomings and figure out which conflicts are behind them. Resolve those and you can be happy again, I suppose.

Lastly, while you are doing all of this remain active. I guess you are going to have to think on the move. What you can do to accomplish that without violating rule one leaves me wondering if you might not be right back there struggling to be happy any time soon. I’ll schedule the coroner for you.

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