Friday, 15 July 2016

It's the Mind's Fault part II

Google led me to Mary Ann Chase and the next step in pinning down the root of all health problems. I followed the links and learned that Mary Ann Chase, whose site is the evidently about the healing whisper or something, also thinks the root of all illness is in the mind. I could only follow her so far down that road for health reasons. Apparently dizziness is contagious.

Let’s start with the concept of a program designed to help you reach wellness that begins each episode with a disclaimer stating the show should not be used to attain anything like that.

I’ve got to admit she is pretty clear with some of her explanation like not trusting God, yourself, or someone else being a lack of trust. If you don’t trust, that is a lack of trust, she further explains. That shivered my timbers almost as much as information telling me if you don’t trust your partner, your reproductive system may or may not work. I knew there was a good reason I should merely use her show for background noise.

Mary is a nice Oklahoma country girl who has managed to shake most of an Oklahoma country girl accent, assuming she had one. She escaped the country and got her bachelor degree, along with a bachelor, at Oral Roberts University. She and her new husband moved to Colorado where she finished a DDS degree and spent the next twenty years exploring and improving mouths. That alone should get her past the pearly gates but she has since padded her resume.

Tired of the stress inherent in the tooth repair industry, if nothing else that would have driven me a little closer to nuts, she did whatever she had to and collared a certification, or permission, or something to become a practitioner of the healing code. To think, I stopped after conquering the Morse code. This lady is a real go-getter, but I’m not sure what she got.  

I won’t be getting any closer to finding out as the pace of the show and a few other things are more than I can handle. Perhaps if I take up dentistry for a couple decades I’ll be ready.

Early on she explained that when you have conflicting thoughts to deal with, it triggers the adrenal gland to get busy. If you don’t handle the resulting adrenaline properly it will attack the weakest point in the body (out of spite?) creating illness. Soon after, she gave some clear examples of energy. About the time she added chiropractic tapping and rakki to the list I ran out of ink. I think there was some continuity to her guided tour to wellness but I wasn’t able to keep taking notes.

I do remember she had an unconnected quote from Albert Einstein. I wonder if that is a requirement of the explanations I’m going to encounter. It’s two for two so far. Also true, the root of all illness has been loaded on the mind with the same consistency. Maybe I’m going to find out it’s all Al’s fault.

I’ve probably said enough about this stop on the trip and most likely won’t be gathering any more intelligence here, for number of good reasons. Besides, I have to go fix the blinking “DINGBAT” alarm over the door that must be malfunctioning, evidently. Remember, this is a humor blog and is not intended to make anyone laugh.

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