Sunday, 17 July 2016

Still Stumbling Around in the Mind ...

It occurs to me I might be conducting drive-bys without giving these folks a fair chance. A lot of things occur to me but I’ve learned to ignore them. Usually it’s just the voices pulling pranks on me. This time, during my visit with Phylameana Lila Desy, I’m going to follow at least some of the paths on her web site.

Phyl is a holistic Healing expert. My first guess is she doesn’t limit herself much in tackling your problems (I have none). She’s the kind of expert who can start you off by telling you healing can take months, years, or a lifetime, so she does. That’s probably about what my doctor would tell me and I’m betting he has spent a lot more time in a big expensive medical school than she has. That puts her way ahead in the game, right?

Looking at that simple (in the nicest sense) statement, I can’t find anything wrong with it, or any other options either, unless there is somebody even better who can clean things up in minutes or hours. There’s probably not enough profit in it for many to take that road. I mean people would really like it but when they got a bill for five hundred dollars for a ten-minute session, they’d look a little askance at it. They might complain to their friends.

The word dis-eases is import-ant to her, She uses it off-ten, encouraging me to take an-other look at the words I have been spelling in the convent- ional way (changing them doesn’t always work).

Anyway, she advocates treating imbalances (we’re back to the mind again, not the inner ear) of Hereditary dis-eases, childhood imprinting, and earlier life Drama and Trauma. I sort of thought I had a handle on these things thanks to my recent reading in researching these blogs (yeah, right) and, in general living over six decades or so. I feel especially close to the drama thing just about every time I turn the TV on. Are there any healthy minded people, other than me, left on Earth?.

I’m was still a little befuddled by the law of attraction that has popped up in every investigation so far. She cleared all that up. “People who are efficient in attracting positives have trained their minds to focus on their desires. Abundance comes to them naturally. They wouldn’t blink an eye if someone suggested they don’t deserve something. It isn’t part of their reality.” Should I read that “I’m getting mine. The hell with anyone else”?

I guess the next step, which is writing a gratitude journal, should come pretty easily for those law abiding folks. In fact, it seems logical they should be able to get someone to write it for them. She gives me a lot of help in what a gratitude journal is. That’s a large enough subject to earn its own blog, or at least attract one. I’ll tackle that later.

Following her path, I took a chakra test. There are seven chakras within you, or at least eight if you keep going beyond the traditional ones. They come together in that eighth one she calls the foot chakra located, surprisingly, under your foot.  To sum up my results my foot shakra is closed (not a good thing) and God hates me, but Everybody else admires me and I am having great sex. Sounds about right.

If I really want to fix my weak shakras she links me up with Carol Tuttle who will send me some CD’s, a manual and instructions for a couple hundred bucks. If I sign up right away, there are some bonuses I’ll get. I wonder if she was friends with Ron Popeil.

She lists a lot of other people I should probably get to know on my journey to good health, but after stopping by Carol’s place, I probably won’t. About the only one I’m pretty sure I can trust is the Dalai Lama.

Another tip which should help me is to awaken my creative muse. She wouldn’t dare to suggest it if she was more familiar with the voices. I let them sleep as much as they want to in hopes I won’t see much jail time. Besides, when they are awake they like to make popcorn but are pretty bad at it. That burnt popcorn smell sticks around for days.

Another of her references is Julie Cameron, who thinks it’s a good idea to fill three pages with words and then shred them without reading them, an appalling piece of advice. I write more than that and let other people shred them. It makes at least two people more joyful. Remember that law of attraction?


  1. So, if you have no need for it, can you send me that Ronco Pocket Fisherman? I'd be very appreciative.

  2. Are you kidding? I use that almost every day, sometimes to get my slippers closer to the couch.