Sunday, 17 July 2016

Still Stumbling Around in the Mind ...

It occurs to me I might be conducting drive-bys without giving these folks a fair chance. A lot of things occur to me but I’ve learned to ignore them. Usually it’s just the voices pulling pranks on me. This time, during my visit with Phylameana Lila Desy, I’m going to follow at least some of the paths on her web site.

Phyl is a holistic Healing expert. My first guess is she doesn’t limit herself much in tackling your problems (I have none). She’s the kind of expert who can start you off by telling you healing can take months, years, or a lifetime, so she does. That’s probably about what my doctor would tell me and I’m betting he has spent a lot more time in a big expensive medical school than she has. That puts her way ahead in the game, right?

Looking at that simple (in the nicest sense) statement, I can’t find anything wrong with it, or any other options either, unless there is somebody even better who can clean things up in minutes or hours. There’s probably not enough profit in it for many to take that road. I mean people would really like it but when they got a bill for five hundred dollars for a ten-minute session, they’d look a little askance at it. They might complain to their friends.

The word dis-eases is import-ant to her, She uses it off-ten, encouraging me to take an-other look at the words I have been spelling in the convent- ional way (changing them doesn’t always work).

Anyway, she advocates treating imbalances (we’re back to the mind again, not the inner ear) of Hereditary dis-eases, childhood imprinting, and earlier life Drama and Trauma. I sort of thought I had a handle on these things thanks to my recent reading in researching these blogs (yeah, right) and, in general living over six decades or so. I feel especially close to the drama thing just about every time I turn the TV on. Are there any healthy minded people, other than me, left on Earth?.

I’m was still a little befuddled by the law of attraction that has popped up in every investigation so far. She cleared all that up. “People who are efficient in attracting positives have trained their minds to focus on their desires. Abundance comes to them naturally. They wouldn’t blink an eye if someone suggested they don’t deserve something. It isn’t part of their reality.” Should I read that “I’m getting mine. The hell with anyone else”?

I guess the next step, which is writing a gratitude journal, should come pretty easily for those law abiding folks. In fact, it seems logical they should be able to get someone to write it for them. She gives me a lot of help in what a gratitude journal is. That’s a large enough subject to earn its own blog, or at least attract one. I’ll tackle that later.

Following her path, I took a chakra test. There are seven chakras within you, or at least eight if you keep going beyond the traditional ones. They come together in that eighth one she calls the foot chakra located, surprisingly, under your foot.  To sum up my results my foot shakra is closed (not a good thing) and God hates me, but Everybody else admires me and I am having great sex. Sounds about right.

If I really want to fix my weak shakras she links me up with Carol Tuttle who will send me some CD’s, a manual and instructions for a couple hundred bucks. If I sign up right away, there are some bonuses I’ll get. I wonder if she was friends with Ron Popeil.

She lists a lot of other people I should probably get to know on my journey to good health, but after stopping by Carol’s place, I probably won’t. About the only one I’m pretty sure I can trust is the Dalai Lama.

Another tip which should help me is to awaken my creative muse. She wouldn’t dare to suggest it if she was more familiar with the voices. I let them sleep as much as they want to in hopes I won’t see much jail time. Besides, when they are awake they like to make popcorn but are pretty bad at it. That burnt popcorn smell sticks around for days.

Another of her references is Julie Cameron, who thinks it’s a good idea to fill three pages with words and then shred them without reading them, an appalling piece of advice. I write more than that and let other people shred them. It makes at least two people more joyful. Remember that law of attraction?

Friday, 15 July 2016

It's the Mind's Fault part II

Google led me to Mary Ann Chase and the next step in pinning down the root of all health problems. I followed the links and learned that Mary Ann Chase, whose site is the evidently about the healing whisper or something, also thinks the root of all illness is in the mind. I could only follow her so far down that road for health reasons. Apparently dizziness is contagious.

Let’s start with the concept of a program designed to help you reach wellness that begins each episode with a disclaimer stating the show should not be used to attain anything like that.

I’ve got to admit she is pretty clear with some of her explanation like not trusting God, yourself, or someone else being a lack of trust. If you don’t trust, that is a lack of trust, she further explains. That shivered my timbers almost as much as information telling me if you don’t trust your partner, your reproductive system may or may not work. I knew there was a good reason I should merely use her show for background noise.

Mary is a nice Oklahoma country girl who has managed to shake most of an Oklahoma country girl accent, assuming she had one. She escaped the country and got her bachelor degree, along with a bachelor, at Oral Roberts University. She and her new husband moved to Colorado where she finished a DDS degree and spent the next twenty years exploring and improving mouths. That alone should get her past the pearly gates but she has since padded her resume.

Tired of the stress inherent in the tooth repair industry, if nothing else that would have driven me a little closer to nuts, she did whatever she had to and collared a certification, or permission, or something to become a practitioner of the healing code. To think, I stopped after conquering the Morse code. This lady is a real go-getter, but I’m not sure what she got.  

I won’t be getting any closer to finding out as the pace of the show and a few other things are more than I can handle. Perhaps if I take up dentistry for a couple decades I’ll be ready.

Early on she explained that when you have conflicting thoughts to deal with, it triggers the adrenal gland to get busy. If you don’t handle the resulting adrenaline properly it will attack the weakest point in the body (out of spite?) creating illness. Soon after, she gave some clear examples of energy. About the time she added chiropractic tapping and rakki to the list I ran out of ink. I think there was some continuity to her guided tour to wellness but I wasn’t able to keep taking notes.

I do remember she had an unconnected quote from Albert Einstein. I wonder if that is a requirement of the explanations I’m going to encounter. It’s two for two so far. Also true, the root of all illness has been loaded on the mind with the same consistency. Maybe I’m going to find out it’s all Al’s fault.

I’ve probably said enough about this stop on the trip and most likely won’t be gathering any more intelligence here, for number of good reasons. Besides, I have to go fix the blinking “DINGBAT” alarm over the door that must be malfunctioning, evidently. Remember, this is a humor blog and is not intended to make anyone laugh.

Monday, 11 July 2016

To your health ... or not

I stumbled onto this blog recently and decided to wake it up … for a while. Since there are several followers who may also wake up, I need to do something to resolve that. Perhaps if I alienate all of them I can just let this thing die and not disappoint anybody.

After a whole lot of thought I thought I’d set sail on the Interweb and see what was going on that I could disparage and upset those still willing to read on, even if only one of them at a time. I found it.

While far too many people like to talk about their health if you make the mistake of asking them how they are, most don’t like to talk about their prospect for living. Many, if not most, assume they are, or will, or won't.

To do that much beyond the age of four, most people eventually need medical help, or intervention, or insurance. That insurance thing sometimes determines what kind of the other stuff you will get. If the current trend continues nobody is going to be able to afford it much longer. With that in mind you can cross medical help off the list. Since many alternative medicine proponents cite part of the problem with modern scientific medicine is that doctors are in it for the money, many of the alternative options must be free or within the bounds of out-of-pocket change. Time to look at the intervention alternatives is fast approaching.

There a LOT of those and I’m here to discredit them all. In other words, you might as well face it; you are all going to die. Why fight it?

Self-described skepdoc Harriet Hall says there are over 67 individual single causes for all illness revealed on the internet. That makes at least as much sense as some of the discourses. Though her ability to discuss some of them via youtube might be better researched than mine and actually make sense, they take a lot longer to get through than my attempt, unless you last through all the 67 plus blog postings I’m going have to write. I’m betting I can probably stop after 32 or so if I live that long. My chances are pretty good. I have the VA.

Best case, everybody is attached to at least one of these beliefs and cures and will abandon me as I shoot across their bows. Like each of those, I have offered you nothing worth hanging onto yet, Isn’t that ironic? At least you have idea what is, or at least might be, coming, which is better than what you will get from these choices.

You could, but probably won’t help me on the chase and quest if you just tell me what you subscribe to but I probably won’t pay any attention to you, a reaction you might do well to have in regard to any alternative medicine.

In keeping with standard practice around here, I’m about half way through researching the following, posted on the internet via a now defunct site, once again for sale, by Lorenzo P. If the mood hits me I’ll find out who he is and what his credentials are, not that they are likely to amount to much.

Lorenzo’s article is about as well edited as my novels are before I submit them to a real editor. That disturbs me. This guy who might be out to save my life obviously cuts corners.

He begins by eliminating the competition. He tells me scientific method is unable to find a cure to all illness, comparing doctors to auto mechanics. If he is right, CRAP! He uses unrelated quotes from genius Albert Einstein and the sage efficiency of Shamans to buttress his conclusions in a really round about manner. It only bothers me a little that the shamans had a bit of a tussle with smallpox. The one case he uses to set the scene for HIS success is introduced as fictional. I guess the real survivors don’t want to be bothered by an interested press siege.

He offers an understanding that all illness stems from the mind housing two or more conflicting beliefs with those eventually coming to the fore at the same time. Those with a one track mind might be the only ones to last on earth as long as cockroaches. That last is my conclusion, not his. When his scenario occurs there is stress, which causes all your health problems.

There is a solution though. Just follow these instructions.

Number one is to be happy all of the time. I suppose that could limit a lot of things you do now, like sports betting, marriage, using grits as a side dish, and eating at sushi bars. There might be others. He suggests starting a gratitude journal might help you in this effort. I don’t.

Next comes discovering your conflicting beliefs that might someday face off somewhere in your mind and kill you along with the loser of their fight. This is going to take some time if you are over seven, which is the age by which most of them have been implanted. There’s a lot I don’t remember about those early years, or even last week, so your failing this is his most probable reason why you are going to die. But if you are a believer, what the hell, go for it.

Then he says “STOP THE WAR”. Unless this is a sudden display of pacifism I suppose you should do something about your mental conflict. No clear set of instructions is presented, but you better do it at the peril of your life.

To clean up any failure in obtaining peace treaties you should next analyze all of your health shortcomings and figure out which conflicts are behind them. Resolve those and you can be happy again, I suppose.

Lastly, while you are doing all of this remain active. I guess you are going to have to think on the move. What you can do to accomplish that without violating rule one leaves me wondering if you might not be right back there struggling to be happy any time soon. I’ll schedule the coroner for you.