Wednesday, 28 December 2011

OK ... They Got me Here

Yep, I’m blogging now; they told me I had to if I wanted to prove I am a writer. I came kicking and screaming, kind of like when I moved from shelling to windows and later saw the onset of that disease, WWW.

It’s not so much that I resist change as it is I hate all this newfangled stuff that makes me learn something that came on like a roadblock rather than a discovery. Besides that, my two teen aged daughters ain’t teenagers any more and they moved out, taking technical expertise with them.

I’m going to give this the old college try, hoping it turns out better than the old college try. My professors are probably a bit more scarred by that one than I am. I made the hall of fame there and it wasn’t as an athlete. I’ve got the picture to prove it but have been advised against sharing it here. They say that once it is on the web, it’s there forever.

What you might find here, if I follow through better than I usually do, is going to be bit of a variety. Some of it will be about my philosophy, knowing that all of you will benefit immensely from anything I offer. I’m tempted to toss in some verbal “vacation pictures” that you might find useful if you are suffering from insomnia and nothing else has worked.

Segments of my flailing attempts at writing will pop up, begging for your criticism. I’ve got real thick skin and hope you won’t hold back on letting me know how you really feel about those. I’d rather be rejected here than someplace else where it might matter a bit more.

Every once in a while I’ll get serious and talk about genealogy or history or any one of the way too many other things that I am interested in. You won’t find self help here because if this is where you are looking for it, you’ve staggered way too far off the path to ever get back to whatever it is you are looking for. I’ll have someone  help me put the straightjacket back on if I get the urge to write about politics.

Somewhere on this page you ought to be able find pointers to all of that and anything else I can add to make this thing as confusing for you as it is for me. If you got this far, you’ll figure that out right after I do.

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